Multi-modal Transportation with Modo

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The transportation industry has changed a lot over the past few years; getting to one place from another is now more efficient and faster than ever thanks to the availability of many ride-sharing platforms. One of the more efficient way of commuting is to make use of the multi-modal transportation method.  

Simply put, multi-modal transportation means using at least two different means of transport. According to the study Millennials and Mobility, nearly 70 percent of millennials use multiple travel options several times or more per week. The study illustrates how the combination of multiple ride-sharing platforms plays a big part in the multi-modal network, reduces cost, and maximizes efficiency.  

U-bicycle x Modo

As a forefront player in the ride-sharing platforms, U-bicycle and Modo are now collaborating to achieve this multi-modal transportation vision that makes it easier for the users to commute. By being able to change between using a bike and car interchangeably, it is now even quicker to run your daily errand and get to your final destination. 

Consider a working millennial who often uses a car-sharing platform to get to work. With the availability of multi-modal transportation options, it is now easier for him to get to the nearest Modo parking location by utilizing the available and accessible bikes nearby.

For Modo members, now you can register an account on U-bicycle and get 2 hours free ride. As if free rides are not enough, you’ll get a discounted annual pass if you purchase an annual pass at U-bicycle website this November! See the coupon below.

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By Robert Tanra

Business Development and Marketing

Robert Tanra