Conquering those hills in New Westminster


New Westminster, a hidden gem and one of the oldest cities in Western Canada. Strong in culture and history, the city has it all. Live, work, dine and play, there is something for everyone. A great place to live and a great place to visit.

New Westminster is a perfect place to have great quality time with your family and friends. From all day breakfast, coffee shops, theatres and parks, there are many to see in New West.  

There is plenty of cycling that can be done in New Westminster with the bike lanes, but not an easy one. Cycling on those hills can be intimidating, but not to worry! U-bicycle performed a site analysis and our recommendation is, you know it: electric bikes! With pedal assisted, lithium ion battery powered bikes, electric bikes change the game of commuting. You can conquer those hills and you’ll be at your destination before you know it.

We also spoke with Mayor Jonathan Cote of the City of New Westminster about the E-Solution for all residents of the city and providing a multi-modal mode of transportation.

Grace, U-bicycle CEO, with Jonathan Cote, Mayor of New Westminster

Grace, U-bicycle CEO, with Jonathan Cote, Mayor of New Westminster

Benefits of Electric Bikes:

1.     Save money on gas

2.     Clean energy- forget about CO2 emissions.

3.     Active mode of transportation

  1. Cycling helps in strengthening the muscles, bones and joints. You get the opportunity to spend more time outdoors and achieve your fitness goals.

4.     Faster travel time

5.     Conquer those hills!

6.     Riding a bike is fun!

We are looking forward to rolling out our bikes in New West soon!

By Audrey Radstake

Business Development Associate

Audrey Radstake