Downtown Victoria


Running late to your next class? Short lunch break? Cabs are definitely not worth the price, and you don’t really want to go search around from one bicycle-sharing station to the next ... wait, is there even one?

The answer is yes! U-Bicycle, one of the world's leading bike-sharing companies, is the first to launch a station-less (that's right, no fixed bike racks) bicycle-sharing platform right in B.C.'s capital. It's easy to use, too.

Follow these simple steps to get to peddling!

1. Download the U-bicycle App

2. Top Up

  • Top up your account’s riding credit balance to any dollar amount. (Default amount is $10.50 or $21)

3. Find a bike

  • Go to the GPS page of the app to find the nearest bike on the map.

4. Scan the QR code

  • Once you’ve chosen a bike, scan the QR code to unlock and begin riding.

5. Bluetooth and Data

  • Please make sure your to keep your Bluetooth and Cellular Data settings ON during your entire ride until after you've finished your ride.

  • In order for the bikes to stop charging you (end your trip), and to locate the bikes, and track the bikes for the next rider you will need to keep these setting ON.

6. End your trip

  • When you're done, park anywhere you like (as long as it's a legal and responsible spot) and walk away. Slide the lock down manually and you’re good to go! No stations needed!

Cost: for each half hour ride, the app then deducts $1.05 (incl GST) from the balance. The process is simple and the app tracks and displays each usage history.

 Note: the $50 deposit is for damage security use only; the account holder can request a refund anytime through the app when he/she decides to close the account.

Best of all over 200 GPS-enabled three-speed U-Bicycles with self-locking smart technology and helmets have been distributed throughout the city!

Quick, cheap transportation right at your fingertips ... or, should we say, feet! Download, Ride, Enjoy and leave them a Facebook review!

You can also check out their “How to” video.