Grand Launch


It has been an exciting week here at U-bicycle. We just wrapped up our Grand Launch on Tuesday, at the beautiful JW Parq Marriott Hotel in Vancouver, British Columbia. We hosted the special event for our current partners, potential investors, and important figures within the transportation and urban development industry. We cannot thank everyone enough for joining us on our momentous day, and thankfully with the help of everyone involved, specifically the amazing event team at Evoque and public relations team TradeMark Agency, it went without a hitch!


At our grand launch, we discussed the current progress of U-bicycle, highlighting our growth as an organization, and the important relationships we have made with the city of Victoria, including local businesses, local governing officials and the citizens themselves.

Furthermore, we would like to specifically thank our sponsors, Alacrity, Foundation, View Glass, Canada Immigration (CANGO), and Fort Street Cycle. All our partners have been integral parts to creating what U-bicycle is today. We are ecstatic to be working alongside, industry leaders that believe in the same goal as U-bicycle; to provide an affordable, eco-aware, and efficient mode of transportation, that will lead towards innovating our world’s urban mobility.

HQ Vancouver, a Home for Global Business, announced that they are “proud to support the establishment of U-bicycle’s North American HQ into BC, increasing the opportunities for green, affordable, and efficient urban mobility”.

During our launch party, we were able to present what U-bicycle is and what it can mean for our global community, with video highlights from our partners including Fort Street Cycle, Victoria Tourism, and more!


We also launched the newest model of our bicycle fleet, featuring one of the best quality bicycles available on the market today!Our latest models are equipped with the latest innovative technology featuring the latest GPS tracking technology, three-level speeds, a carbon belt drive system, and many new extensions from our previous model!


Again, thank you to all that joined us to celebrate this amazing day with the U-bicycle team, we are thankful for your continued support! Now, this is just the beginning of U-bicycle, first, we successfully acquired Canada’s cycling capital Victoria, launched our HQ in Vancouver, and next we plan on coming to your city next! Keep your eye out and cycle on!