Health and Benefits: Why YOU should cycle!


Spring is upon us! I don’t know about you, but here at U-bicycle, we are ecstatic about the great weather and to get outside! Our team loves staying active, and can you guess? We love cycling! Whether it’s a short ride around the city during our lunch break or to our yoga class with Patagonia; the longer days, along with the warm weather and sunshine makes for a perfect climate to get your heart pumping by cycling!

From Fitbit, heart monitors, to health apps galore, people can track their health and fitness records on the go. Whether you are trying to get that extra step in or hit that cardio meter, have you ever considered the health benefits that come with cycling?

Instead of hopping on the community bus, or getting in your car to drive that 5-minute errand. Hop on a U-bicycle!

Not only is it cost efficient, by cycling to those short distances, you eliminate the hassle of parking and gets your blood pumping!

Health Facts on Cycling

  • Recover from Injury Aid

  • Improve/Prevent cardiovascular problems
    - Medicine & Science in Sports reported cycle activists have a 31% less chance to develop high blood pressure!!

  • Helps lose fat

  • Can help prevent cancer

  • Improve the quality of life through exercise

    - Tour de France riders proved to show the longevity of life amongst cyclists!

Many research shows that going for a ride, is “good for your heart, and muscles, and it could improve your walk, balance, and climbing skills.”

Much of the time, especially when faced with rain, many of us like to forget about the possibilities of exercise, limited to the one and only...gym.

However, spring has sprung, and summer is also coming right around the corner. Next time you want to put in that extra Fitbit step, or wanting to get your heart pumping, hop on a U-bicycle, and see the results for yourself!