U-Bicycle: Join us and help fight bicycle mis-use and theft!


U-bicycle has had a great start to 2018. With our grand launch at the beautiful JW Parq Marriot along with the new release of our latest bicycle fleet! We are thrilled at the response from our users, and expansions are readily happening before your eyes!

With our service in full operation in Victoria, we are working along with local businesses, government officials, university campuses and commuters in the community. While our success and goal towards providing a eco-friendly cost effective mode of transportation is on its track, we have noticed a disheartening amount of bicycles being used, or stolen.

While some may think its not “that” big of a problem. Our goal here at U-bicycle is to be able to provide our users with a bicycle whenever, wherever they are needed. Whether is it taken into serious thought or not, when stealing or mis–using these bicycles, we want the public to be aware that this is not okay, and we at U-bicycle do not take this lightly.

With the help of the public, along working side local officials, we have been able to work together to bring these perpetrators to justice. In our modern society, we have to realize, there are truly eyes everywhere. Especially when using a service, where there is a high level of trust instilled in our consumers, we expect that everyone would treat these bicycles as if they were their own.

Now, if you ever see anyone mis-using or attempting to steal one of the bicycles, please report these incidents to our mobile application, and contact a local official. We thank all of those who help every day what U-bicycle is, we want to create a healthy method of transportation, that can be happily used amongst everyone.