Who is this serial mom-preneur with the masterplan?


Our founder, Grace Min brings the experience and success of the start-up culture, with organizations founded around the globe, innovating the technological and hospitality sectors one step at a time.

Overseeing all operations from sales, investments, technology, to products, and more, mompreneur Grace Min is a serial entrepreneur with an impeccable history of successful start-ups. Grace is quick to understand the needs of an organization, with her intuitive thinking, and forward and compelling call to actions. When relocating back to Vancouver, she quickly recognized the lack of methods of travel, specifically for short distances. Along with her motherly senses, a series of questions and solutions streamed along on sustainable living choices for herself, and her family.

Grace’s vision for U-bicycle stems from her early upbringing in Richmond, where congestion and urban mobility problems have been a concern for many community members and have recently shown for an action call. She further understands the increasing demand and potential for more economical and convenient methods of travel throughout urban cities such as Richmond. Furthermore, her recent experience and years in motherhood, also raises the question of a sustainable future for her children and generations to come. Where motorized methods of transportation seems to have been the only solution current in many Western Canadian cities, she attempts to eliminate this state of mind, by raising awareness of the positive and effective influences of cycling, not only for the community members, but the eco-system of the community itself.

During her visits to Shanghai, she viewed the success of bicycle sharing platforms, these services have flourished and helped the city grow economically and become more sustainable. Therefore, Grace decided to bring bike sharing to Canada, starting with Victoria being the first city. Victoria is not only a large tourism destination in Canada but is also the greenest and most bike friendly city in Canada.