Why YOU should cycle in Victoria


Did you know Victoria is the cycling capital of Canada?

For all visitors or community members, one of the fastest, affordable, and easiest methods of getting around Victoria is you guessed it, CYCLING!

Whether you want to cycle along the waterfront promenade, gaze at the beautiful and historic landmarks, or peddle through the lush green forests, Victoria provides endless bicycle paths and routes for all cyclists.

Victoria’s small urban culture provides the perfect setting for cyclists; the city implemented an excellent network of bicycle paths, regulated bicycle lanes, and easy to travel city infrastructures.

With summer in full action, and the sun shining, what are you doing traveling around in a car or stuffy bus? Wouldn’t you instead breeze through the summer on a bicycle soaking in that vitamin D and getting your heart pumping?

And well… if that wasn’t enough here are SEVEN reasons why cycling is the BEST way to explore Victoria.

7 Reasons Why Cycling is the Best Way to Explore Victoria

It’s Affordable

Cycling is extremely affordable, especially in Victoria where the community caters explicitly to cyclists. By opting in for a bike ride; you’re able to save money on gas, parking, transit costs and more! If you don’t have a bicycle to use, you can hop on a U-bicycle for 30 minutes, and it’ll only cost you a DOLLAR!

Relieves Stress

Cycling has shown to scientifically be linked as one of the most effective treatments that relieve stress. Simply by hopping on a bicycle, you are able to utilize it as a form of exercise that will not only bring positive mental results but effective physical results too!

Cycling Community

The cycling community is booming in Victoria, and that is no surprise with carrying the title of cycling capital of Canada. The community is filled with local bicycle shops, and there are MANY cycling groups and clubs one can join. Whether you are a novice or advanced rider, there is indeed something for everyone!



When exploring Victoria on a bicycle, you have the ability to stop and enjoy the city truly…Anywhere! If you haven’t been to Victoria before, you need to stop and pay a visit, because the overall scenery is truly a wonder. Hop on a bicycle for thirty minutes, and you can stop by one of the local watering holes this summer and spend a relaxing day at the park, before hopping on to your next destination. Interested in historic landmarks? Cycle around for 30 minutes and take your choosing of which backdrop is worthy of your next favourite social post.

Mingle With Locals

Travelling is all about soaking in the culture, and mingling with the locals! So why not choose to hop on a bicycle, as you will continuously be exposed to the culture and people from interactions as simple as asking for directions to the children running alongside you enjoying a summer’s day.


Be the Boss of Your Own Ride

When you are cycling, it gives you the freedom and flexibility to truly travel in your style. You can stop wherever, whenever, and often, you find yourself travelling down a street or road that may often not be accessible via motorized vehicles. With cycling, you eliminate the stress of trying to understand foreign traffic laws, and also are given the relief of any restrictions of getting around!