Meet Raviv: U-bicycle’s Superman in Victoria


Our U-bicycle team is what pedals our organization forward, and we have one individual, which we could not have launched our service without, Victoria’s head of operations, Raviv! Raviv is a Victoria locale who joined our team in 2017 and spearheaded the launch! With his knowledge and community involvement tied to Victoria, working with Raviv was a no-brainer!

We wanted to share with our U-bicycle community our latest blog feature, and team member highlight, a Q&A with Raviv, read below now!

5 Fun Facts About YOU

  1. Favourite Victoria Bicycle Trail: E&N trail along the shipyard.

  2. My first bicycle was a Trailbike attached on my mom and dad's tandem.

  3. First bicycle tour Rotary Route between Victoria, Nanaimo, and Vancouver.

  4. Learned to bike at 2.4 years old, learned to drive at 24 years old. (Quick peddler…Slow Driver)

  5. My dream is to open a specialty Pu'er tea shop with tea cakes, tea beers, and tea liquors.


What Is Your Role At U-bicycle?

I am the operations manager, based in Victoria, and although it’s a general position, that just means my foot is in every department! I try to implement our company’s vision for Victoria, and that means managing a small team of nimble operations staff to keep the wheels turning. Any given day I will be cruising around Victoria, checking damaged bikes, talking with the public, meeting with partner organizations, and coordinating our team.

How Do You Keep Your Organization Engaged with The Community?

We are trying to become part of Victoria’s business ecosystem, and that means making an extra effort to engage locally. We are putting lots of effort into connecting with the public online and in person. We are looking for ways to give back to the community by providing extra bicycles and parts to people in Victoria who can re-use them. Finally, we are always trying to keep our bikes circulating around the densest nodes of Victoria’s transportation network, so that people view our bicycles become a regular member of the community.

Describe Your Leadership Style in One Word:


What Do You Hope You Can Offer to The Residents And Businesses Of Victoria?

Spontaneous ways to get around the city that you don’t have to think about and makes the city a cleaner and eco-smart place to live.

Tell Us Your Daily ‘Routine’ In Victoria:

  • Morning check-ins with staff on operations and maintenance duty

  • Ensure our Van and tools get to the right people that day

  • Check in on correspondence, make sure our marketing and business development goals are progressing

  • Receive calls from contacts at local security, police, housing units, or from the public about bikes in need of repair, send information to the staff on the road

  • Make sure significant damages are catalogued and stored for the end of week repairs

  • Take one last sweep of key areas for quality control before calling it a day


What Is Your Favourite Local Store In Victoria And Why?

Having grown up in Fernwood, I would have to say Mount Royal Bagel. They won me over since childhood and consistently make the best bagels this side of the St. Lawrence. It’s a part of my balanced breakfast.

What Do You Enjoy The Most Locally

I think Victoria more than anything else has places that are truly special. Our heritage buildings, our evergreen forests, and our rocky beaches are enjoyable by foot, car or bike, even as a tourist in your native town.