Cycling in Victoria: Bicycle Rules


Cycling in a new city can be confusing, especially for tourists. I am currently residing in Vancouver, and just recently, I took a trip out to Victoria to try out the U-bicycles! In the beginning, I was nervous about cycling in a city I wasn't familiar with; however, I quickly learned some new rules and regulations that I would love to share for with the U-bicycle community!

1. Bicycle Lanes

The city of Victoria has provided designated bicycle lanes making it safe for cyclists to commute around, especially around Fort Street! It is best to stay on the bicycle lanes as much as possible for safety measures. However, when you are cycling on the road with no designated lanes, please use your judgment and abide by regular traffic laws, and it should be a breeze! 

2. Cycling on the right side

When cycling on the road, it is important to stay on the right side of the road, in the same direction as the traffic. Occasionally, you will be cycling alongside parked vehicles. Always be cautious when cycling beside parked vehicles, and stay alert to passengers exiting the vehicle without looking.  

3. Hand signals

When switching lanes or when turning right or left, it is important to let alert others on the road where you are heading. Whenever you are turning, you should always make hand signals. First, you do a shoulder check before turning, then make a hand signal, indicating which direction you are going.

4. Taking a lane

If the road is too narrow, cyclists can take a lane by riding in the centre of it. Don’t ride on the sidewalks! It is also important to remember to take the land you are travelling to at the same speed as the traffic. If you are uncomfortable to ride at the centre of the lane, take an alternative route!

Cycling with Stan and Raviv to our next meeting!

Cycling with Stan and Raviv to our next meeting!

5. Intersections and turning lanes 

When approaching an intersection, from the right side, transfer to the lane with the arrow pointing in the direction that you want to proceed. If this is uncomfortable with you or if you do not make it in the lane you want to go on, you can dismount from the bicycle and walk on the crosswalk.

6. Mobile devices

Like driving, it is also illegal to use your mobile device while cycling. Mobile devices need to be kept in your pocket or your bag. If you need to use your device for calls or to check for directions, get off the road, dismount from the bicycle and proceed.

7. Parking 

Since the bicycles are dockless, it is important to park the unit somewhere safe. It is best to park near a bicycle rack or on the bicycle rack itself. Don’t park on:

  • Someone’s private property

  • In the middle of the road

  • In the middle of the sidewalk

  • If you are planning to park on the sidewalk, park the bicycle on the side and make sure there are enough space for two baby strollers going in opposite directions, to pass by each other.

Thanks to the U-bicycles, exploring Victoria was a breeze. I was able to travel from my Airbnb to my meetings all over Victoria. Even though I was only there for only three days, the quick commute on the U-bicycles allowed me to explore Victoria with ease. A quick bicycle ride to my next meeting meant peddling through the scenic routes, historic landmarks, and beautiful scenery. What a treat!

By Audrey Radstake

Business Development Specialist