Discover the World Like Never Before with U-bicycle & TripScout

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U-bicycle is proud to accommodate locals and tourists on Vancouver Island. U-bicycle now offers a Day Pass for $15 that allows go for unlimited rides for 24 hours. This is perfect for tourists who want to explore beautiful Victoria especially for the summer! U-bicycle has partnered with TripScout, a city tour and travel app, to provide a better travel experience for tourists!


With U-bicycle and TripScout, you can save hours of research about the city! With the Day Pass, not only do users have unlimited rides for 24 hours, the Day Pass provides a free Victoria City Guide from TripScout! Tourists are now able to have the best local and authentic tour experience through U-bicycles and through TripScout’s Victoria City Guide. 

TripScout’s app features include curated sites from local experts, audio tours and offline maps that includes the city’s hidden gems that you can easily cycle to with U-bicycle!

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You can download the app in both Apple Store and Google Play.

For more information about the app-base tour guide, please visit

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