U-bicycle and Devon Properties Announce Partnership on Exclusive Bike Share Service Rate and Virtual Parking Zones


Gear up because U-bicycle has partnered with Devon Properties – the premier property management and real estate services firm in Greater Victoria. This mutually beneficial partnership will support Devon’s property owners and tenants alike.

U-bicycle is excited to provide Devon Properties’ tenants with a special rate for our annual passes – allowing unlimited rides within a year.  On August 1, 2018, if you’re a tenant of Devon Properties you should take advantage of this exclusive, limited time offer.

With tenant convenience as a priority, U-bicycle is set to provide select Devon Properties buildings with designated parking zones’ infrastructure for our green bikes.  With our new Beacon Technology, this will help keep Devon Properties buildings neat and tidy and allow residents to have efficient access to our bikes.

U-bicycle is also set to unveil a unique product that will be available to Devon Properties tenants. Introducing the U-Power, a power bank rental service that allows users access through a U-bicycle supported app to charge mobile devices and electric bikes.  If you have experienced leaving your home and realize your electronic device is low on battery, U-Power is here to charge you up!

U-bicycle is looking forward to providing enhanced urban mobility services with eco-friendly commuting solutions for Devon Properties buildings and tenants, helping build an intelligent and connected community throughout Greater Victoria.

By Audrey Radstake

Business Development Associate

Audrey Radstake