Here comes the E-sCUTEr


Dockless bike share, which helped to alleviate city traffic congestion, has been a success. They are great for trips a bit longer than walking distance and shorter than driving distance. However, they do require some effort to get up those hills. As a student who studies at SFU, biking up the mountain is not something I want to attempt on a daily basis.

E-scooter Blog pic 1.png

Wait, what’s that cute board with a handle over there?

There it is, sitting on the side of the road. The firm tires, quad suspension system, foam grip handles, LED lights, L-shaped aluminum body with a matte black finish… sturdy without losing elegance! Introducing U-bicycle’s most recent addition to the product pipeline: the electric scooters called “e-scooters”.

E-scooter blog pic 2.png

What a relief! No more “petal to the metal” and you can get to your destination faster, with ease. With clean energy being the popular trend, the e-scooter—an environmentalist—uses a Lithium battery, with zero pollution. The scooter is foldable and easy to carry around. Take a look at Youtuber Levi Hildebrand’s try!

Cool, right?

U-bicycle is looking into introducing e-scooters to BC. Before that, there are still many issues that need to be addressed, such as safety regulations, city approval, and technical stability. The scooters are very portable and they also have a reliable locking mechanism—the lock will be applied to the wheels.

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Stay tuned for more on e-scooters.

By Raymond Yang

Business Development Specialist