Explore your City with U-bicycle and Let's Go Biking!


U-bicycle is proud to provide more for our users, so we are excited to announce that we have partnered with Let’s Go Biking! In addition to using our Smart Bikes for you daily commute, our bikes are also good for going on trails.

With the recent launch in Port Moody and Port Coquitlam and coming soon this month in Richmond, you can access more than 10 trails! You can now add that to your weekend plans with your family, friends or just yourself!

You can find different cycling routes with Let’s Go Biking. It’s perfect for everyone as it ranges from easy, moderate and adventurous. It is suitable for families, beginners, seniors and explorers.

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With U-bicycle’s recent app update, you can now park your bike temporarily. Stop by and enjoy the view from all the scenic trails, or when you’re grabbing a quick bite with a friend at that cute coffee shop.

With U-bicycle and Let’s Go Biking, you can save time of research for new trails in your city! Let’s go biking has more than 50 maps to explore for rides, walks and runs in Metro Vancouver many of which are accessible with U-bicycle!

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Let’s Go Biking is a collection of easy rides for cyclists of all ages and abilities around Metro Vancouver and beyond. There’s something for everyone, from flat scenic trails, city greenways, to quiet country roads. Many of the routes are accessible by U-Bicycles in Port Moody.  Visit the Shoreline Trail and local brew crafters, stop by for a coffee and pie at Gabi and Jules or Divano Coffee and pick up a copy of the book.  For more information and lots of routes, visit the blog: LetsGoBiking.net 

By Audrey Radstake

Business Development Associate

Audrey Radstake