New Year, New U - (bicycle)!


It’s the New Year, a great time to evaluate ourselves to become better in the future. New year resolutions don’t always have to be extreme. You don’t have to go to the gym 7 days a week or give up sweets forever. Change within can start with something small such as being more active in your commute. Take the stairs instead of the elevator or ride the bike to work or school instead of taking the bus. You can start by doing this 3 times a week and gradually make it your routine! Cycling to work or school contributes to your physical and mental health, the environment and your wallet. An active commute can enhance your mood, brainpower and avoid frustrating traffic jams.

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You can ride our bikes with the Annual Pass that gives you unlimited rides for one whole year!

 Here’s a quick overview of what to expect with U-bicycle this year:

Coming to Calgary

In Spring 2019, U-bicycle is coming to Calgary with our electric bikes! You can pick up and drop off our new electric bikes anywhere in the City of Calgary.

U-bicycle is also looking to expand in more cities’ this year, if you would like to have us in your home city, contact us here!


 U-bicycle Tours

Looking to explore the city? We offer tours in the City of Victoria, Richmond, and Port Moody. In this private tour, you’ll get to visit the hidden gems, visit scenic parks and taste authentic foods that most people don’t get to experience!



U-pool is our new sharing service which will get you to your destination faster. U-pool is a carpool-sharing platform where you can get a ride with someone who is already on their way to your destination. It’s an effective way to travel together, cut time cost, reduce gas emission and meet new people!


Watch out 2019, U-bicycle is here!

Business Development Associate

Audrey Radstake

Audrey Radstake