Experiencing Richmond


Filled with arts, culture, entertainment, historic sites and outdoor activities, Richmond is a city with so much to see either with your friends, family or partner; many experiences in Richmond are both kids and adult-friendly.

Whether you want to cycle along the West Dyke Trail, visit historic landmarks, or peddle through its beautiful parks, Richmond provides an extensive network of both on-street and off-street cycling routes for cyclists of all levels.   

With these routes, you’ll get to see what the City of Richmond is all about. You will get to see great sceneries and plenty of places to make a stop to grab a bite or walk through the park. With our Temporary Parking feature, you can park the bike temporarily without ending your ride completely. Your bike will still be there at the end of your walk or meal!

Bike around on one of our U-bicycles and visit some of the best attractions Richmond has to offer.

Cycling Routes

Richmond Olympic Oval

You can start your ride at the Aberdeen Skytrain Station and cycle to Richmond Olympic Oval, a centre for sports competitions, recreation, health, wellness and entertainment. It also has Canada’s only official Olympic Museum.

Time: 10 minutes

Distance: 2.0 km


Minoru Park

From Richmond Olympic Oval, you can cycle to Minoru park for only 6 minutes. There is a variety of walking routes throughout the park where you can walk around Minoru Lakes, floral displays and majestic trees. They also host major sporting events at the park, you get to see teams play and support your favourite local team!

Time: 6 minutes

Distance: 1.2 km

Terra Nova Adventure Playground

Cycle down on Westminster Hwy, turn right on Mccallan Road and left on River Road you will find yourself at the Terra Nova Adventure Playground or the Terra Nova Rural Park. This park features innovative structures designed to reconnect people with nature.

Time: 17 minutes

Distance: 4.6 km

West Dyke Trail

Don’t just bike through this trail because the West Dyke Trail offers the most beautiful views of the North Shore and Coastal Mountain. A perfect place to watch the sun set or sun rise while riding our bikes! You will definitely get that IG worthy photo!


Garry Point Park

Cycling down the West Dyke Trail, you will reach Garry Point Park in less than 20 minutes. This park is also home to Kuno Garden, a Japanese-style memorial garden.

Time: 18 minutes

Distance: 5.6 km

Steveston Sights

In less than 10 minutes from Garry Point Park, you can cycle to the Gulf of Georgia Cannery National Historic Site, Steveston Museum, Steveston Harbour, Steveston Tram, Steveston Community Park and Britannia Shipyards!

Time: 9 minutes

Distance: 2.1 km


Done for the day?

You can ride the bikes back to Richmond-Brighouse Station by going on Railway Avenue and turning right on Granville Avenue and a left on No. 3 Road and voila! You are at the station!

You don’t have to visit all these sites in one day but if you do, U-bicycle has a Day Pass that allows you to have unlimited rides for 24 hours. This way you get to check out the places and activities off your bucket list.

Explore Richmond with U-bicycle! We will show you around from Richmond Olympic Oval, Terra Nova Park and to Steveston Village and try their famous pizza.

We got you covered!

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Audrey Radstake