By completing this questionnaire, you will recieve a complimentary coupon for 1 free 30-minute ride with U-bicycle.

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What is your main form of transportation? *
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Of the following reasons for cycling, which applies to you?
Would you use U-bicycle as an amenity? *
If interested in U-bicycle, would you be interested in having a designated U-bicycle parking space in front of your building?
Would you be interested in E-bikes (Electric Bikes)? *
Would you be interested in Electric Scooters? *
What are your barriers in using U-bicycle? *
What is your opinion on U-bicycle? *
1: Terrible , 5: Amazing
Would you be interested in an U-Power if provided in a public space such as a mall, coffee shop, public library, pubs, etc? *
U-Power is a power bank rental service people can access through a U-bicycle supported app to charge mobile devices or U-bicycle electric bikes